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Holistic Science Journal Chris Seeley-1.docx

Seeley, C. (2012) If you go down to the woods today, Holistic Science Journal, Vol. 2, Issue 1
Chris Seeley's bears were brilliant. Her remark that "my presence influenced the context" brought home to me the fact that "context" is not just for the onlooker but is a joint context shaping all the participants.


A Thought Piece on Artful Knowing for a Sustainable Future.docx

Seeley, C. (2011) Artful Knowing for a sustainable future, Ashridge International Research Conference, June


Uncharted territory: Imagining a more committed marriage between the arts and action research

Seeley, C. (2011) Uncharted territory: Imagining a more committed marriage between the arts and action research, Action Research, Vol. 9, Issue 1, pp 83 - 99, March



Seeley, C. (2010) The Fool and the Great Turning, Thoughts on Sustainability - Principles into Practice, pp. 3 - 16


Expressions of Energy: An Epistemology of Presentational Knowing

Seeley, C. & Reason, P. (2008) Expressions of Energy: An Epistemolgy of Presentational Knowing, in Liamputtong, P. & Rumbold, J. (eds.) Knowing Differently: Arts-Based & Collaborative Research, Nova Science Publishers Inc., ISBN 978-1-60456-378-8


Knowing as a Whole.pdf

Seeley, C. (2008) Knowing as a Whole: Action Research, Inquiry, and Presentational Knowing, Arts-informed, CAIR/OISE University of Toronto, Volume 6, Issue 2, May


Wild Margins - Playing at Work and Life

Seeley, C. (2006) Wild Margins: Playing at work and life, Unpublished PhD thesis, University of Bath

What brought me to all this in the first place?
An experiment in digital storytelling

Working with Chris as she designed our publishing co-operative’s very first book was a total delight. She is an intuitive artist and has a great feel for design.

Chris is ever interested in seeing the world from different perspectives; never afraid to to delve and uncover; forever curious and ready to explore.

Artful Knowing is concerned with how we come to know, how we cultivate our imaginative capacities and what we allow to inform our decision-making in pursuit of creating more sustainable systems, structures and organisations.

I am unashamedly calling for this as a necessity if we are to realise the maintenance and restoration of the ecosystems upon which we depend. My purpose is to stimulate thought and conversation about what might be possible and what is needed to question and break through the limitations of our current dominant paradigm. Artful knowing is more about a way of being, a stance to take, rather than a solution or a method. There are no easy answers…

The issue we collectively face is one of imagination as much as one of ingenuity, of living into radically different ways of organising ourselves as much as solving problems. How might our lives and organisations evolve in ways that are neither reduced to doom and gloom hair-shirt narratives of less, nor reliant on the unrealistic mantra of business-as-usual-because-technology-will-save-us?

Our challenge is less about finding some kind of grey middle path between these two scenarios as daring to strike out in another direction which demands the rigour and creativity of coming to sense, know and respond to our global life support systems in artful ways. This is not to reject our species’ intellectual prowess and its importance as part of our attempt to meet our needs in sustainable, restorative ways, but it is to claim that the human intellect alone will not “save us from ourselves”. Fuller ways of knowing are needed for us to recognise and respond to the living whole and offer us insight into how we are to be and act in the face of ecosystemic destruction.

Artful Organisation Research

Coming Home to Story Book Illustrations
For Geoff Mead’s book Coming Home to Story

Leigh Hyams is my painting teacher

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